Using a Bed Bug Air Mattress Cover

There is a new bed bug infestation that has come to light and that is the use of air mattresses. The bedbugs are known as Cimes Lectularius, also known as “cilicilium” and are one of the most common insects found in North America today. The other most common bed bug in existence is the bedbugs mites. These two bedbugs are often confused with each other as they are both common household pests.

Some believe that bed bugs are the cause of many cases of spring fever and high fevers in children. But when looking at the recent studies done by health authorities all over the world that are looking into this problem, it appears that the problem is actually from the use of an air mattress. The problem is that these bed bugs reside in unused or secondary bedding areas. This is done by letting them crawl through holes or crevices that might be present in furniture, curtains, linens and even in air mattress covers.

An air mattress is basically an inflatable air mattress. These are made from plastic and are filled with plastic polyethylene. The plastic is then covered with a non-toxic material to keep the bed bug infestation from spreading. The covers for these beds are usually washed in hot water and dried at high heat before being placed on top of the mattresses. In addition to using protective covers these beds are also cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis so that the bugs do not find a place to live.

The good news is that if you have an air mattress cover and clean it on a regular basis it will help keep the bed bug infestation from occurring. If not then you will just be inviting the bedbugs into your home. If you are a person who likes to camp then you should definitely invest in an air mattress cover. The reason why this is so important to use is because of the camping activities that people like to engage in. When you sleep on the ground or lay in the grass then bed bugs can crawl right into your skin. They can hitch a ride into your luggage and they can also crawl inside of your air mattresses.

If you have a bed bug infestation it is important that you treat both your mattress and your area surrounding the mattress. You will need to completely vacuum all of the areas in which you live and where your mattress lies. You will also need to seal any and all cracks and holes in your home. You will want to do all you can to keep bed bugs from entering your home through these cracks. Click here for more information about air mattress keeps deflating

If you follow these simple steps you should be able to keep an effective air mattress cover in place. You will want to make sure that you are following instructions carefully when you apply the cover so that it does its job. The best way to do this is to follow the directions on the air mattress cover itself. This way you will get the best results for your efforts.