Top leading security companies in London and the UK

Transputec, a midsize cybersecurity company, is located in Wembley, United Kingdom. They focus on cybersecurity, IT managed services, and custom software development and were launched in 1984. We always aim to deliver efficient and reliable security solutions to all our customers. With a skillset spanning several industries such as construction, corporate and retail, we are ideally suited to deliver a tailored package that protects your London business.

Our vision is the opposite of the industry’s “one-stop shop” approach, where one business provides security, cleaning and other Soft FM services. We are highly experienced security professionals and we are proud to be a dynamic and agile provider of specialist security services across London and the UK. Based in London, United Kingdom, their small team focuses on cybersecurity, custom software development, BI & big data consulting & SI, IoT development, and more.

Every one of our security guards carry a verified SIA license and has passed DBS checks, right to work checks, English language tests and personality profiles. A new report highlights that enterprises are failing to plan effectively for supply chain risks and cyber security threats. Some managed security service providers are inflexible in their approach to the technologies they use. At Redscan, we select the best tools for each of our clients and manage these via a single unified platform. Our friendly and responsive team is always on hand to provide the support you need, whenever you need it.

Our experienced SIA Accredited security guards are trained to work in retail, commercial and industrial environments to protect people and assets. As a leading London security company, we protect shops and shopping centres with security guards, instore CCTV, EAS and other retail security systems and store detectives to stop shop crime. Lodge Service is one of the top leading security companies in London and the UK. A well-trusted security company for retail, corporate, transport & warehouse and construction site security.

For instance, as a client with relatively little security needs, it is unlikely to achieve an engaged and personable service from a large security companies in london In contrast to that, if a client requires for instance an international reach and capabilities, smaller security companies are unlikely to be able to cater to such needs. With that in mind choosing a security company in London is a balancing act assessing pros and cons to reach optimal levels of service. From our senior management team to our supervisors and guards, our core values, diligence, reliability and professionalism form the backbone of our approach to service, and we live up to our values in all areas of our work. If you require a professional security company in London, look no further than Security Risk Specialists. Amongst our sector-specific security, you can choose a wide range of specific services, including manned guarding, CCTV, and mobile patrol.Some companies have non related areas of business in their statutory accounts which attempts to estimate and factor out of the estimated turnover. Whilst some companies are now providing information on turnover to all figures will not be accurate as statutory information can be up to two years out of date. welcomes input from the companies in the Top 20 and will amend any verified inaccuracies as soon as possible. Therefore these figures should be treated with caution and be regarded as a best guess.