Protect Yourself When Rental Homes For Sale Have Lock Boxes

The advent of the internet has opened many opportunities for home for rent, with buyers and sellers all over the world able to share their experiences online. Home for rent is also easier to find online, with many real estate agents listing rental properties. The first step to renting a home is to find an agent who can help you find your dream home. Most agents have websites that allow them to connect directly with renters and landlords to make sure they are matched up right.

As soon as the names of potential rental property owners are entered into the system, there comes a moment of realization: hope. The web-based search may indicate a great place to look for a new apartment or house to rent, but it could also mean the beginning of heartache and frustration for the unsuspecting renters. The most common problem that arises from sharing personal details with a stranger is identity theft. Many times, renters will give the personal information of the supposed owner of the property (which is what the lockbox is for) to a third party who will then try to open the lockbox. Unfortunately, many times this person will be someone who has no intention of caring for the property, and will end up ransacking the belongings inside. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link phuket monthly rentals.

Property managers and owners should be on guard against anyone posing as a landlord or property manager who is simply out to scam the unsuspecting renters of their hard earned cash. Though identity theft is the most common problem, all renters should check their credit references, and if necessary, go to the Better Business Bureau to ensure that no complaints have been filed against them by other renters. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to identity theft because they enter their credit card information somewhere online, or perhaps fill out an online rental application form that contains their social security number. They might think that since the information is on a website, it’s safe. Sadly, that’s not the case.

In fact, just like with social media sites, a person can put their social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook up to date, but this doesn’t mean that these accounts are secure. Anyone can view the photos that you upload on your social media page and could possibly do some damage to your personal information. So, when you’re looking to rent a home for the first time or updating your current rental property, make sure to check the security settings and opt out of anyone who asks for your social security number over the phone or e-mail. When you have the option, however, it would probably be a good idea to allow the potential renter to contact you via e-mail instead of phone.

Another way to protect yourself when looking for a home for rent is to invest in a proper lockbox. As mentioned above, criminals can use a key to open your lockbox, but this presents a huge problem when you need to access your home or car. Some people choose to rent these units in place of a key, but it is important to make sure that you have a backup lockbox. You should get one that is easily accessible so that you don’t waste time trying to find the key. Renting a lockbox that has a number on the key itself is not only insecure, but it could prove very difficult to retrieve should the need arise. Many homes for rent come with built-in lockboxes, so make sure that you check yours out as well.

It is very important to choose and use the right lockbox for your own personal reasons, and even if you feel that you have no issues with strangers opening your lockbox, you may still wish to opt out of letting strangers have access to it. While there aren’t many property managers that offer extra security, many of them offer free lockbox services. By taking advantage of this, you can eliminate the risk of letting a stranger into your home.