playstyle as AD neeko

Akali’s passive,Elise’s spider minions,Fizz’s W passive,Illaoi’s tentacles,Jax’s/Diana’s/Vi’s/Twisted Fate’s third hits,Qiyana’s passive,Rammus’s passive,Twitch’s… Stay up to date with news, guides, tips, tricks and more. Quite a few champs in A-Tier right now, any of these are strong picks! Diana, Qiyana and Ekko are especially strong because they can be flexed in either Mid or Jungle. Has champions with wave clear, which leaves assassins behind. The following adds the Cupertino Icons font to your application.

Executioner Calling can help in this match up but will slow your purchase of Boots. Sett can catch Neeko Builds if he rushes Tier 2 Boots so make sure to keep your distance once he starts rushing with his Q. MinorNot much of a threat but if you ever see a Yorick one trick who is able to play against an auto range match up, then yorick is able to be a threat to neeko.

EvenKennen has a very similiar playstyle as AD neeko. Please email support if you cannot access your account.

Able to take waves, jungle camps and towers faster than almost any other champion in the game Diana will become fed extremely fast. You can aim for 6 items at 30 minutes in almost every game. Neeko is a an average middle lane champion in League of Legends. You should start by leveling up her q ability first. We process over 1 Million League of Legends games every day to bring you the most accurate Neeko build so you can destroy your enemies and improve you win rate.

IdealElise can help with the easy tower dives on the enemy if they’re low. Minorstay behind minions to not get hit by her E. Neeko is able to kill the tentacles with her range advantage. EvenAatrox is probably the most skill match up there is for AD Neeko. Always keep your distance from his Ability combos.

If you’re trying to play to end around 35 minutes, Swain will make that extremely easy. It’s tough to see Riot nerf another champion who was reconfigured with a new item build. The League of Legends community has had mixed reactions to the nerf, with one side saying that the nerfs were justified due to her being way too strong. But others say that Riot should have tried to balance the build instead of outright killing it.

This means that you may, for example, attack minions in lane twice and proceed to use the third attack onto the enemy champion. This counter data is for Neeko Mid in Plat+ games. The percent shown is the enemy champion’s counter rating against Neeko. Unlike other root abilities, Tangle-Barbs roots everything it passes through and has no limit to how many units it can hit. You should look to toss Tangle-Barbs through a minion wave as hitting at least two minions will make the spiral empowered and will root the enemy for longer. The only way the enemy can be safe from a Neeko root is to be out of its range, which just isn’t practical most of the time, especially during laning phase.

The champion had some high moments but has failed to really deliver. This is mainly due to her playstyle and her stats. However, there is a new build that has resurfaced which is actually pretty insane. Seen as a below average choice, and should be avoided if possible, concerning difficulty, this is a moderately diffcult to play champion for new players in league of legends. OkSimiliar to Vi and Wukong where the ganks are easy kills once he hits Level 6. StrongVery strong early game for the 2v2 like the xin zhao synergy.

Dark harvest is just too good right now not to take, it’s just a straight up better Electrocute in almost every situation. Sudden Impact for the additional magic damage after emerging from stealth, Eyeball Collection for the free AP, and Ravenous Hunter for more survivability and healing. As my secondary tree, I’ve found Sorcery with Manaflow Band and Transcendence to be quite strong. I take double adaptive force for an additional 20 AP right at level one, and swap out my defensive option depending on the opposing team comp. With these two combined, you will be dealing massive damage through out the whole game.