How To Water Cure Already Vaporized Bud Avb

Most pharmacies have both gel caps and capping accessories available. To use them effectively, the AVB should be ground super fine before being tamped into the gel caps. Though not the most creative use for AVB, the simplest is just to directly eat it.

But, it depends on what you want to use the water-cured buds for. The purpose of water curing is to improve the taste of the AVB, as well as purify it to make it fit to be reused. All this is done without the potency of the buds being reduced. Experts recommend the use of humidity packs to store the cannabis buds and keep the buds from losing their potent cannabinoids.

This doesn’t, however, need to be a “hold your nose, swallow quickly, and wash it down with a glass of water” experience. Already vaped bud can be sprinkled onto your favorite desserts or incorporated into any number of other dishes. My personal fav was two firecrackers @ 3.5 grams of light green water cure abv each… I was high into the next day with a big ol grin the whole time… When cooking them right in the cheesecloth balls I found I had to use something to press them down, these little jars under the lid worked great. This first couple of times you empty the old water, it will be very weed fragrant!

This helps especially when you live in a state where cannabis is sold at exorbitant prices per ounce. You can buy the same quantity, vape under low heat, and still retain some leftovers with a certain amount of THC that can be reused. This is what you’re left with after it’s all nice and dry. Set the cheesecloth AVB balls into the crockpot full of room temp water. Furna is a portable vaporizer that features precise temperature control, and excellent airflow.

Squished as much water out as I could and pressed them down into pucks that were about the size of my little slow cooker. Cover with just enough coconut oil to fully submerge everything. Before I water cured I would add a bit of water for evaporation, but now there will be some left from the water cure. Didn’t really keep great track, but it was probably on low for 7-8 hours. Wrap your Already Vaped Bud in a cheesecloth, tie the top with a string and place it in a pan of water. You will have to do this for 4 – 7 days to get rid of the stench and bitter taste of your bud, leaving behind a flavorless product near the end.

I never even thought about water curing my vaped weed and what a disastrous oversight that was. In short, as soon as I added the warm coconut oil to the vaped cannabis, I could smell that it was a bad idea. Dry herb vaping is my favorite cannabis consumption method by far, and all of the uses of already vaped bud is a big reason why.

Just remember, you need to leave room for the press to go down without the water coming over the edge. The first time you fill it with water, the AVB will swell so you will have to put the plunger on top and use it to push the material under the water line. Secondly, you will want to add in as much luke warm water as you can, definitly not hot! Roughly 2cm away from the top should be fine as long as you’re not going to be moving it about a lot. However, it is only the first day that you have to change the water frequently. There are different ways this AVB can be used, however, this article will focus more on how its quality can be improved through the water curing process.

For coffee, you can simply add the already vaped weed to your grounds while you brew. From there, you can mask the burnt AVB taste with a flavoured cream like hazelnut or Irish Cream, or some butter (or even cannabutter, if you’re a madlad). Some of these methods taste a lot better than others, but it’s up to you to decide which method best suits you. One of my favorite things about dry herb vaporizers is the AVB or ABV you can save after your sessions. Smoking or combusting with cannabis burns the plant and leaves nothing behind. The heat from a vaporizer releases most of the compounds but also leaves some behind, which happens to work perfectly for edibles.